Water Has No Enemy

Birthing a Just and Equitable World


Social Change Through Indigenous Wisdom

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Healthy Communities

Water Has No Enemy focuses on providing advocates, activists and other people who want to make a difference in the world with knowledge and skills that will support them in maintaining their individual and the community’s health and well-being. For many of the populations with which we work, their experience has been one of medical marginalization. We teach evidence-based and accredited modalities that our target communities recognize as indigenous to them.

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Intercultural Understanding

Water Has No Enemy’s culture-making work focuses on creating safe spaces in which community members might bear witness to and transmute the collective trauma confronting our most vulnerable communities. The intention is to provide a healing vision that directly counters and addresses the daily trauma we confront in depictions of our communities in the mainstream media. In culture-making, we reclaim our agency and our right to self-definition.

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Spiritual Activism

Indigenous wisdom and folk tradition has been is a liberatory practice that has been stigmatized as “witchcraft” and “sorcery” by those in power. Water Has No Enemy engages community leaders in re-integrating spiritual practice as a foundation for sustainable activism.

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Research & Education

Centuries of enslavement, colonization and persecution has led to the loss of so much indigenous knowledge. Water Has No Enemy’s ongoing research is aimed at recovering the wisdom that has been lost over the years and innovating and adapting that wisdom for modern times.